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AK / MMT Literatuur

Reviewed literature

Applied Kinesiology Research Manuals Goodheart, G.J. Privately published yearly (1964 to 1998)

You’ll Be Better – The Story of Applied Kinesiology, Goodheart, G.J. Privately published

Collected Published Articles & Reprints, Goodheart, G.J. 1969

Collected Published Articles & Reprints, Goodheart, G.J. 1992

Observation of Sonagraphic Computerized Analysis, Goodheart, G.J. 1981

A New Approach To An Old Problem, Goodheart, G.J. 1990

Being A Family Doctor, Goodheart, G.J. 1993

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Applied Kinesiology, Synopsis, 2nd Edition, Walther, D.S. (translated into Italian and Korean) Systems DC, Pueblo, CO; 2000 (

Common Glandular Dysfunctions in the General Practice – An Applied Kinesiological Approach, Schmitt, W.H Chapel Hill, NC: AK Study Program; 1981

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Quintessential Applications: AK Clinical Protocol, McCord, K.M., Schmitt, W.H. Health Works!, St. Petersburg, FL, 2005

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In Fitness and In Health,3rd Edition, Maffetone, P. David Barmore Productions, Stamford, NY, 1997

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Your Inner Pharmacy: Taking Back Our Wellness, Blaich R. Beyond Words Publishing, Inc, Hillsboro, OR; 2006

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Cranio-Sacral Energetics, Volume 1, Crisera, P. Privately Published, Rome, Italy, 1997


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A list of over 400 papers related to the cranial concept, and over 30 books explaining this therapeutic modality, The cranium and its sutures, Retzlaff, E.W., Mitchell, F.W. Berlin: Springer-Verlag; 1987:68.

An annotated bibliography of over 250 papers relating to cranial manipulative therapy.

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, 3rd Edition, Magoun, H.I. The Journal Printing Company, Kirksville, MI, 1976

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